Tommy Nova ***Chosen One Pt.2***

Well……Well….Well…….We Meet Again.First Off I Wanna Say Thank You For Even Taking Time Out Of Your Hectic Lives To Tune In To Some SHit That “I” Did.Means Alot To Me.I Know I Talk Trash,But Its Still Super Humbling To Have Even Just One Person Checking For My Records,Tapes,Shows……Shit…..My Presence In General.I Wanted To Keep It Personal Wit You All,So I’ve Decided To Release It Through My Own Blog,As Well As Submit My Works To Any Other Hip Hop Voice Out There Who Feels My Work Is Worth Metioning.I Want To Thank Raekwon Da Chef For Helping My Voice Reach Places That I Could Have Only Hoped For Just A Short Time Ago.I Always Wanna Thank Everyone Else Who Was Instrumental In Helping Make This Project Come Alive!To All Parties Listed On The Back Cover…..Salute!!!! Sorry For The Wait!!!!! Without Further Ado…..Here’s The Chosen One Pt.2!!!!!!!!



~ by Tommy Nova on January 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Tommy Nova ***Chosen One Pt.2***”

  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. GUD iish bro! Sounds GUD!

  3. the shit is HOT!

  4. […] Produced And Directed Visual For The Lead Off Record On “Chosen One Part 2” Hosted By Raekwon The […]

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