Death Of The Posse Cut???

            I Remember Copping N.O.R.E When It First Came Out And Thinking, “Damn, This Banned From TV Record Is Crazy!!!!”. It Was A Nostalgia That Could Only Be Met When Several Of Hip Hop’s Elite Form Together From Separate Movements, Only To Muster An Utter Classic Right Before Your Eyes! En genius! As I Sit And Listen To Records Of The Present, I Can’t Help But To Wonder, “What Happened To The Alliance Records?”

           I’m Talking “Scenario”, “The Symphony”, “Self Destruction”, “John Blaze”,”Ante Up”, “Oh No!!!(remix)”, “Scenario(remix)”, “Watch For The Hook”,”I Shot Ya!”(remix), “Headbanger”, “It’s All About The Benjamins”, “Flavor In Your Ear”(Remix),Hell,Even No Limit’s “Make Em’ Say Ugggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!” Was Crazy!!!!! If I Could Create My Own “Posse Cut”, It Would Probably Feature These Keys Players…….Nas(Self Explanatory), Raekwon(Not Because That’s My Dude, But He’s Probably The Nicest Ever When He’s Zoning), Jadakiss(What’s A New Posse Cut Without Kiss),Fat Joe(BX Stand Up, Damn……That’s Like The Whole “John Blaze” Line Up), And Last But Not Least,”Killa” Cam. So If You Happen To Know Any Of These Living Legends, Let Em’ Know I Need Bars!!!!LoL (No Tevin Campbell).

           So If You’re An Artist, And You’re In The Process Of Creating A Project, Call Up A Few Aspiring Artist You May Have Come In Contact With Over Your Huge Or Brief Tenure In The Game, And Let Each One Go Crazy On The Hardest Track Your In House Producer Can Cook Up! I Guarantee Someone On The Record Will Spit A Verse That’ll Last A Lifetime! Signing Off……….T.N

Tommy Nova’s Top Ten Posse Cuts

10. Scenario(Remix) R.I.P Hood

9. Special Delivery(Remix)

8. The HeadBanger

7. Scenario

6. Banned From TV

5. It’s All About The Benjamins

4. I Shot Ya(Remix)

3. John Blaze

2. Self Destruction

1. Flavor In Your Ear(Remix)


~ by Tommy Nova on July 16, 2009.

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