Jay-Z………Friend Or Foe???

Hate It Or Love It

Hate It Or Love It

Agghh Yes……..It Has Been Several Weeks Since The Release Of Jay-Z’s Critically Acclaimed, And Ever So Controversial “D.O.A” (Death Of Autotune) Record. And While Many “Jumped Out The Window” (No Pun Intended Ron Browz), In Discuss And Delight, I’ve  Decide To Reassess Jay’s Solid Attempt To Put And End To Hip Hop’s Latest Audio Trend, Antares Autotune.

          As Mixed Reviews Compiled At An Alarming Pace, It Became More And More Evident To Me…Jay-Z’s A Genius!!! I Seen “Die Hard” Autotune Fans Say, “Yeah,He’s Right!”. And On The Flip Side, I Seen “So Called” MCs say, “Jay Is Washed Up! He’s Hating! He Sucks! I Hate The Record!”, When In All Actuality, He Was Just Trying To Help “YOU”. Honestly, Do You Think Ron Browz Is A Great Artist? Do You Think Kanye Is Better With Autotune Than Without It? Or Better Yet, Do You Really Think T-Pain Will Be Around As Long As Say, Hov? If Your Answer Was “Yes!”, To Any Of These Questions, Please Exit Blog Now. I Mean, You’re Probably Partially Responsible For The Chaos That We Somehow Manage To Call “Hip Hop”.

        With That Being Said, I Believe Jay’s True Statement Wasn’t “Stop Using Autotune!”, It Was More Of  His Personal Way Of Saying,”MCs Stand Up!”. And If You Have A Problem With That, Then You’re Probably Not An MC. Look,I’m Definately Not The Biggest Jay-Z Fan, But More So Than “Change Clothes”, “Big Pimpin”, And That Song He Had On Volume One With Blackstreet, “D.O.A” Is A Breath Of Freh Air From Hov And Definately A Record Im Willing To Co-Sign. Maybe The Remix Will Feature “The Mixtape” Weezy!!!! We’ll Just Have To Wait And See!!! ……………..Signing Off………T.N


~ by Tommy Nova on June 24, 2009.

One Response to “Jay-Z………Friend Or Foe???”

  1. That’s a new perspective I never thought of DOA as ‘help’ to othere MC’s. I like the piece. Good work.

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